Edensands Holiday Flats / Edensands Vakansie Woonstelle


Tenants should at all times show tolerance and consideration for other tenants in their behavior.

Flat keys may only be collected during office hours unless special prior arrangements have been made.

Tenants must clean and tidy flats before they leave.

Cleaning staff only clean floors and bathrooms. They do not do personal laundry.

For Security reasons no casual labour must be employed without prior clearance from the Supervisor’s office.

Except during peak holiday seasons Spring cleaning may be done by prior arrangement.

The Eden Sands Body Corporate will NOT be responsible for the theft or loss of any property.

“Braaing” is prohibited on balconies and verandahs.

In order to prevent blockages to the drains and sewerage system, tenants must wash off beach sand at the outside showers provided for the purpose. Sand must not be washed off in bathrooms or in the swimming pool.

Playing or walking on the rockeries and embankments is forbidden.

Planting flowers, shrubs or trees without permission from the Garden Committee is not allowed. Likewise removing, damaging or picking flowers, shrubs or trees is also not allowed.

Washing lines are provided in the complex and wet towels and laundry must not be hung from balconies or out of windows. Clothes horses may be used provided they are kept out of sight.

While there is no prohibition against games being played in the complex, care must be taken not to compromise the safety of other tenants and damage to property is not allowed.

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMPLEX. (Note this includes birds and reptiles).

Tenants must not feed the cats and monkeys.

Attention is drawn to the Swimming Pool Rules. Parents will be responsible for ensuring that their children are aware of, and adhere to, these Rules.

Caravans and Boats are not permitted on the property.

Motorcycles,Quad bikes or noisy vehicles are not permitted on the property.

The speed limit on the property is 5 k.p.h. Drivers must beware of children playing.

Cars may not be washed with the Fire or Garden Hoses.

There is no provision for accommodation for tenants’ domestic workers or casual labour on the property.

No more than 6 people are allowed in the Double Bedroom Flats Cabanas. No more than 4 people are allowed in Cabanas. (Note Children over 5 are counted as ‘people’ for this purpose.

While skateboarding and roller skating is permitted, parents are expected to supervise their children and bear responsibility for any damage they may cause.

Fireworks are totally forbidden.

The letting of flats will be done in accordance with the Rules and the Right of Admission is Reserved. Eden Sands Trustees and employees will have no involvement in letting of flats and the Complex Office will not be used for this type of business.

Before any alterations are undertaken on an Eden Sands flat, whether inside or out, a detailed description of the work must be submitted to the Building Committee for their written approval.

Continuous non adherence to these Rules may result in those responsible being evicted from the property. In the event that this happens, any eviction costs will be charged to that specific Owner’s account.

Should any costs for damage arise from non compliance with these Rules, they too will be charged to the Owner’s account.

These rules are a summary of the rules in annexure 8 and 9