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Edger Brooks                                           John Weigeld                          Johan Bekker                         

Christo Pretorius                    Ken Griffin                             Esmond Erasmus 

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Jan Lisner                                                 Adrie Harmse




Dear Sir/Madam,


Herewith the following dates for our monthly meetings for your convenience and planning for a prosperous 2005 for Edensands.  May I wish you and your family a Jesus filled 2005.


January 2005                           None.

February 2005                        21/02       Monday   7pm. at 46 Second Avenue Alberton North.

March 2005                             None.

April 2005                               None.

May 2005                                23/05       Monday   7pm. 2006 Budget meeting. “      “       “

June 2005                                None.

July 2005                                 None.

August 2005                           22/08       Monday   7pm.      “                “       “      “

September 2005    10/09       Saturday  8am.  AGM venue to be decided.


We trust that you will be able to attend these meetings, but if for any reason it is not possible, please give your written apology to the Chair and give your proxy to someone that can attend in your stead.  Proxies must be in writing.


Please forward your suggestions to the Chair at anytime via e-mail or fax (011) 869 9238 and encourage other owners to give their in-put on the management of our complex.


Any changes and suggestions to the above arrangements can be discussed on the 21st February 2005 or give your suggestions in writing to bets@ei-buzsolutions.co.za.       netpro@netprogroup.co.za


We trust that this year will be as fruitful and beneficial to all the owners as the past years were.  From the Chair “Thank you for your support and hard work, I believe that we will get Edensands to be the best resort of its kind if we keep on producing the kind of results  we did in 2002, 2003 & 2004.”



Betsie Muirhead