Betsie Muirhead                     Fanie Kok                                Glenda Coertse
Esmond Erasmus                   Edger Brooks                          Johan Bekker
Ken Griffin
Jan Lissner                              Roelof Coertse                        C&E Property Managers                      
Gerrit Kok                               Dellend Erasmus                    
John Weigelt                           Christo Pretorius
Willem Boshoff
Betsie opened with prayer.  All present were thanked for their participation and presence.
The minutes were read by all present and we have received no complaints.
Everything is under control.  C & E must do a few account reconciliations and journals as pointed out.
The Laundry account must be reconciled and investigated to account for the surplus recovered.  Adrie must balance the Laundry in future to the cent.
It is decided that the Chart of Accounts must show all items separate if not related.  Betsie will work with C & E to get this done.  All present will give in-put to whether we must have access to these accounts viewing via the web or if only some information will be posted on the web, www.edensands.co.za.  Some think we must be as transparent as possible and some think it is only for the owner’s information.
Fanie will assist C & E to get the necessary information from The Property Managers re monies that was paid into there account and out after 30th June 2004.
Levy Report; we still have R10,797.20 as unallocated payments.  After C & E phoned owners that are in arrears we found one owner that claimed ±R646.
C & E telephonically contact owners to get the unallocated payments sorted out and Betsie gave them instruction to write letters when owners are 2 months in arrears.  These letters will be charged out at R50.00 per letter for the owners account.  It will also be an incentive to C & E to do the collections.
Accounts will be handed over for collection when they are 3 months in arrears.  The attorney costs will be for the owners account.
The attorneys can’t trace Mr. Hung from unit #7, this account is in arrears totaling R12,058.31.
Everyone present feels happy with the services of C & E and the outstanding queries will be followed up by Betsie.
DSTV – The profit of R3,504.00 is due to the loss last year on this same project.  It will continue showing losses and profits as the project needs upgrading and progress.  It should always pay for it self.
TV – Everybody agrees that we must go ahead with the maintenance upgrading of this system.  The quote we have at present is R35,228.53, Esmond will try and negotiate a better price.
We have R33,000.00 budget available to do this project.  We only budgeted for R15,000.00 to be done in October 2004 and R18,000.00 to be done in May 2005.
With the money we have budgeted for the Entrance Wall of R14,000.00 we will be able to do this project and the Electrical project.
Each owner will have to make a compulsory contribution for a TV connection of R285.00 for top floors and R433.20 for bottom floors, VAT excluded.  These contributions will be charged to the owners accounts.
The method that will be used is the same as with the DSTV’s and we will go through the roof into the top floors with Ega trunking through the floor to the bottom floors with Ega trunking to the TV connection point.
The contractor Jackson’s Electrical is already busy with this project as it had to be treated as an emergency due to the deterioration of the wiring and neglected maintenance.
Johan will take over the project management of this contract from Betsie and make sure that the contractor fit “long lasting globes”.
Johan Bekker will check the work and give final sign off with Jan Lisner who always checks on all the work done at the complex.
The quote is for R39,400.00, we budgeted for R31,770.00 of which we used R5,389.01 to date.  The short fall will come from the Entrance wall and other places where we can save.
We regularly have tiles blown off the Roofs with strong winds; Johan Bekker will investigate and give us a report on this matter for budgeting and maintenance.
This project will stand over to be re-budgeted for in 2006 as the final quote we obtained was for much more than we have budgeted for.  It has become an essential and if we cannot do it next year out of the budget we will have to levy a special levy for this.
The budget of R14,000.00 that was earmarked for this project, will be used to finance the Electrical and TV projects.
Edger will get the number of 101 painted on the wrong parking area sorted out.
Edger will follow up with the owners that have two car ports and that need car ports and get this project finalized a.s.a.p.
All contracts in place.
We had to let Godfrieda go.  Godfrieda left due to illness.  Fanie will keep her on the funeral insurance for 3 months to assist her family with the insurance if she should pass away in this period.
We appointed a new cleaner, Simbongile on a 3 month probation period.
Edger will sort out the donation from Bobby Proudfoot.
Glenda and Edger will see to the planting of plants on the embankment behind Block G with donations received.
Edger and Glenda will build a terrace at the Swimming Pool and straighten the fence to the boundary wall.  The terrace will be build to level the area and to get the rain water channeled to the existing storm water drain.
With monies saved on projects or donations we will buy garden furniture and plants for the swimming pool area.
Edger will investigate the feasibility of fold-up washing lines and give suggestions and quotes for budgeting.
Edger report that these are in a terrible state.  The meeting is aware of this fact but due to funds we cannot do anything at present but it will have to receive attention as it will just deteriorate more if we do not fix the problems.
We must see what is needed and try and make plans to get it fixed short term with the long term in mind to not waste unnecessary money.
First suggestions are to clean the Contractors toilets and get a lock-up system going.
January 2005 we did some roof repairs and fitted shelves in the Laundry room to make it more useable.
Everyone please forward your suggestions to Edger or Johan for further investigation.
Edger will get a quote from K & A Builders for wooden safety rails in front of Block G.  Fanie and Edger will look into the possibility of building braai’s in front of Block G.  We must always keep the rule in mind that it must look alike, as is on all outside alterations and improvements.
Fanie will follow up with Gert Lindeque from Thompson’s security regarding the night watch.  Fanie witnessed and checked on the matter that the guards are not doing their duties as they should.  Adrie will supply Gert with a gate opener for the bakkie to come in and check on the guards.
The Cats are still a major problem.  At present we have to thank flat #100 and Adrie that feed the cats to tame them to be able to take them to the SPCA.  The same persons had cats spayed at their own costs, on Veterinarian advice to keep the continual in flow from the beach under control.  Anyone that will assist in this matter must give their in-put to Betsie.
Please encourage all owners to assist us to keep record of all the happenings at Edensands by directing their correspondence via C & E Property Mangers.  They must be the first option to solve problems before Trustees is contacted.
No further business, the meeting was closed at 21h30.
The next Trustees meeting will be on the 22/05/2005.

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