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News letter December 2005.
Dear Fellow Owners,
If you are a regular reader of the news letter, you would have noticed that we repeat somethings up to three times and more as we try our utmost to get all owners informed to save us valuable time with unnecessary questions and complaints.  We will answer all correspondence via C & E Property Managers in our news letters and will not answer individual’s letters. 
Please be advised that all the 2006 Trustees meetings will be at 46 Second Avenue Alberton North starting 19h00 sharp, the 27th December 2005 Trustees meeting will be at Edensands 09h00 meet at #15 and the next AGM (2006) will once again be at the Alberton Auditorium.  Owners are welcome at all the Trustee meetings.  
Problem payment owners are #2, 3 & 7; the Trustees are busy to investigate on methods to penalize these owners and any others that influence our cash flow with non payment and late payments.  Not receiving your statement is not an excuse to pay the normal levy and the pre calculated special levy for the 2006 financial year, you can also phone C & E to enquire what is due, the same as what you have to do when you do not receive your telephone or electricity bill in the post.  
We can’t wait to get to Edensands to see what everyone is saying how nice the complex looks.  We know that all the hard work added value to our investments and now it is just to experience the joy it must also add to our holidays.
Everything is under control and we are busy to bring our general maintenance of the property up to date at an accelerated rate.  Don’t be tempted to do your maintenance on an insurance claim; all owners suffer when this happens with unreasonable excess amounts charged and also higher rates on our insurance premium.  No cash in lieu of repairs will be allowed.  Owners can get a contractor of their choice and do additional revamping but Edensands Body Corporate will only pay out to the contractor and not to owners and only after the job is completed and inspected by a Trustee or delegate.  These measures have to be taken to avoid getting into a non-insured status again and are to protect every owner’s investment.  
The valuator visited Edensands and we are awaiting his valuation.  We will inform you of the increases as we believe that we are under insured on the values of out properties.
The laundry room, servant’s quarters, gutters and retaining walls were done.  Block A & H was painted.  Mr & Mrs Wilmot painted the outside of pre-fab wall on the Middleton road side at their cost.  We thank them sincerely and trust that we will get sponsors for paint to get the inside done.  If we can get a donation of R1200.00 or two tins of paint, Mr Wilmot will do the inside on Middleton road also, a further donation of the same will do the inside wall next to La Challant, Las Palmas and at the Laundry room.  
Due to damage to the Body Corporate Property the Trustees have decided that NO OWNER will fix ANY Geyser (all water) and Electrical related repairs.  These repairs will only be allowed to be done by professionals to avoid damage to people and property.  On certain jobs done in the past the Trustees might need to ask for Electrical clearance certificates.  All damages caused by these problems to the Body Corporate Property will be charged to the responsible unit’s account.
All alterations and improvements of individual units done without the proper written clearance via C & E Property Managers and approved by all Trustees will be liable for possible removal or alteration at the owners cost.  No individual trustee can give approval to alterations without all trustees’ agreement and proper Rules investigation.  The previous bad workmanship owner’s improvements will systematically be addressed and sorted out for the owners account.  We request that owners check their structures of balconies being enclosed and discuss possible problems and repairs with the Buildings sub committee to get these repairs done as soon as possible.  New owners are urged to make sure that their units comply with the rules.  The Body Corporate will only accept responsibility for Body Corporate Property in these instances if the project is signed off by the present Trustees.  Remember no one Trustee can give permission or sign off, it is a committee responsibility.  If you are not sure if your unit complies enquire via C & E.
Air conditioner specifications can be obtained from C & E and any further enquiries from owners can be directed via C & E to the Buildings sub committee.  Presently installed Air conditioners must be checked for Electrical safety and water outlets to comply with the specifications or they will be removed at the beginning of February 2006 if the Trustees did not receive these in writing.  The removal cost will be for the owners account.  These requirements are applicable to previous approved units also.
Plants were removed in the flats where they caused problems with water damage to the building.  The removal of plants and any other unauthorized matter will happen continuously and regular inspections will be done.  If plants are found that cause damage the owner of the flat where the problem originated will be charged all costs for the repair of the problem.  The majority of the units are lovely and well maintained.  We will not tolerate the few that cause the standard of the complex to drop and have a negative influence on the value of our property.  New owners must make sure that they are not liable for old damages.  It is the owner’s responsibility to get familiar with the rules or the Body Corporate.
We had to repair several areas on the roofs, i.e. tiles, plastic and wood.  We wish to ask all the owners to please let us know if there are any leaks in your units that might be from the roof or outside.  Most of these claims are just under or just over the excess amount.  Please save yourself money by letting us know immediately when you notice a problem.  If you do not visit your flat regularly, ask someone to check it for you regularly.  We have a buildings sub committee that can investigate the leaks if you do not have the knowledge to do it yourselves.  Adrie and the staff do regular checks but lack the experience to notice some leaks.  Please report any problems to Adrie or C & E Property Managers immediately.   
All owners that still do not have a car port contact C & E Property Managers to enable us to get this matter sorted out.  We have the same problem that the Trustees had when they erected these car ports, nobody came forward for the car ports and now someone else gets blamed because they do not have a car port and others have two.  Each flat is only entitled to one car port.  Thank you to the people that were prepared to buy two car ports years ago and we appreciate your patience in this matter.  Most or all of the people that bought their flats without car ports, did so as the previous owners you bought from did not buy a car port.  If you do the same you cannot blame anyone but yourself.  Beginning February 2006 we will allocate carports to the owners that do not have and charge the cost to their accounts.  Please find out from Adrie who the owners are that have two carports and have a choice in the matter.  The Holiday Season is here again and we have to warn all the people that park on the grass areas that your car can be towed away.  Cars and trailers parking on the grass will be towed away at the owners cost and the property damage and repairs will be charged to the owners as well.  If we cannot trace the culprits we will have to raise a special levy on all the owners to repair the gardens.  It is a fact that all the owners pay for repairs, weather in the form of normal levies or special levies.    Edensands belongs to all of us and we all have equal responsibilities towards a well managed complex.  Thank you to all the owners that participate in keeping things under control. 
We had several requests for pot plants but after many discussions and investigations with engineers and horticulturists we have declined all the requests and will not allow any furniture or pot plants on any stoops, apart from the approved cement furniture already in use by some.  Some pots were removed and all pots, etc. will be removed by the beginning of December 2005.  Enjoy the improvements to the gardens and help us to keep it in this state.
Holiday Season again and we have to ask for your assistance in the Swimming Pool area.  Please keep to the rules and enjoy the pool.  For the Trustees enjoyment of their Holiday, we are considering to empty the Pool if we do not get co-operation in this area.  Please believe us, it is not a thread it is a definite possibility.
We still have problems with the contractor and are still busy sorting it out.  The problems outstanding are minor but they must comply to certain predetermined rules before we can give them their final payment.  The system is working and every flat has an excellent signal, if you have problems please let us know via Adrie or C & E Property Managers.  We will address the problems in December when the Trustees are on holiday and get another contractor to repair bad workmanship.  
Please note that no electrical repairs must be attempted by owners.  In the long run your saving can cost you dearly.  Please comply with the rules for your own and co owner’s safety.
The Trustees are appointed to see that the complex is well managed and that it complies with legal requirements.  The Trustees do not threaten people with rules or any other matters.  The rules are set to the benefit of all the owners and to achieve the goals of a peaceful well maintained and managed complex.  C & E Property Managers will acknowledge your correspondence and the Trustees will act on it and discuss it, but we will not answer it individually but will answer it only through our news letters.  C & E Property Managers must be the first option to solve problems before Trustees are contacted.  Individual Trustees cannot give permission on any matters and it is of no use to contact them, put your complaints in writing via the Managing Agent. Please keep your AGM and other information as any copies requested will be charged directly to you by C & E Property Managers.  
May the Peace of a Christ filled season be with you and your family, may He be with you always in Health and Wealth.
God bless you!
Your Trustees.

Please obey the rules as it is for your own protection and pleasure.  Always ask yourself if you would like to be treated as you are treating someone else.  Go to www.edensands.co.za and give us your in-put!  Send your digital photos to esmond@ei-buzsolutions.co.za.
“Don’t demand anything you can ask as a favor!”
A positive attitude and an appreciation of other people are the best recipe for a successful life.
Your Trustees.

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